Too often, the Christmas season is saddled with social and financial plans. Plans for budgeting, buying gifts, year-end tax-deductible donations, travel plans, party plans, family plans. It can get overwhelming!

That’s why celebrating a worshipful Advent season must be paramount to our hearts as believers. Make it a priority to prepare your heart for this season, and make it a priority to adore our Lord with us this Christmas season.

The next 4 Sundays, we will take an adoring look at the One who came to redeem. Specifically, we will look at various names and titles for Jesus in the biblical Christmas story, and unpack what those titles say about him!

Week 1 – The Promised One
Week 2 – The Divine One
Week 3 – The Saving One
Week 4 – The Ruling One

Join us to learn, adore, and worship Jesus, starting November 30th! And make sure to bring friends and family as well!