Our Mission

To become passionate apprentices of Jesus for the sake of the world.

A disciple means being a learner, a student, a practitioner––an apprentice––to Jesus. In a work setting, contractors are seasoned professionals who have learned how to do their job well over time. The apprentices are new to the job and are learning the trade––not simply through textbooks, but by experience. The trade is learned through a relationship: the contractor will let the apprentice watch what they do and ask questions while explaining what otherwise wouldn’t be known. Then, the contractor lets them do the task themselves, giving encouragement and instruction. In former days when an apprentice finally mastered their trade, the smiths (blacksmiths, ironsmiths, silversmiths) would say, “The trade has entered him.”

This is exactly what Jesus is offering us. He is the master Teacher to life (John 10:10) and we are His apprentices. We are learning practitioners by applying the Kingdom of God to every aspect of our daily existence here. If you are a plumber, you seek to be the plumber Jesus would be if He were in that profession. Same for any role you have. And, because your interior life is ever-evolving because of the work of the Holy Spirit, you have an impact on those around you.


Along with our vision, our core beliefs act as a compass when it comes to making decisions. Most churches will express values without drawing straight lines to how daily behavior is impacted. We went the other route. These are the things we would ‘take a bullet for’ in doing ministry. These are the principles that God will hold us accountable to build on. This is who we are. This is what we do...

1. Apprentices of Jesus follow after the One who is always chasing after lost people.

Put simply, we exist for those people who are far from God. We do not exist to make Reimage people comfortable and familiar. God’s Kingdom is a great party and every one is invited. Therefore, we are all promoters––not bouncers. We want to create a community that is welcoming, relationally safe, and healing spaces for those who live in a wearying world.

2. Spiritual life change is ongoing, not optional

How can anyone trust Jesus for the forgiveness of sin while not trusting Him for much more than that? To trust Him means believing He is right about everything and that He alone has the key to every aspect of our daily lives. When Jesus walked among humankind there was a certain simplicity to being His follower. Primarily it meant to go with Him, in an attitude of observation, study, obedience, and imitation.

3. Love is our only form of personal ID.

We value one another as family and reject the idea that individuals can be the church on their own. Our sense of family calls us to live deeply with one another, bearing each others burdens, rejoicing and mourning together, praying for and confessing our sins to each other and reflecting truth as we journey through this life together.

4. Our Church is a battleship, not a cruise liner.

On an active battleship every crew member has a reason for being there; each contribution is vital. Working together, they accomplish more than they ever could as individuals working alone or for self-centered purposes. Contrast this with a cruise ship, where a crew keeps passengers happy by serving them. You never win wars with cruise ships. We are a battle ship where everyone is on call, taking responsibility, and is making a difference.We find our greatest satisfaction and joy when we discover, develop, and deploy our endowments [spiritual gifts and resources] from God.

5. God has placed people in your relational circle for you to influence

God has strategically placed believers within a web of relationships where they can be a witness for Him. Each Christian builds on these connections and extends an invitation or gives a verbal witness. The best form of evangelism is Emmanuelism, where people recognize that God is with us and we take Him into every situation in our daily life.

6. God gave His best, so we should give ours

This is an enormous difference from perfection—but we believe excellence is a fitting honor for God and should mark our activities. There is no more compelling vision than building the Kingdom of God. We put a high premium on the ‘other-centered’ lifestyle modeled by Jesus. In the end, it’s not how much we do, but how much heart we put into what we do.

7. If we are made in God’s image—and He exists in three persons—then we are made for community

Jesus has a family, and if we want to know Him, we must know the people He has chosen to be with, the people He has formed and is still forming. If we want to love Him, we must love them. They are His children, and if we want to be His, we must become one of them. The bane of Western Christianity has been it’s individualism and isolationist approach to spirituality. The Bible recognizes no important soul development outside of this community.

8. The Scriptures are read and taught as the normative wisdom for our people.

The Bible alone gives a comprehensive view of life. It is our Creator’s explanation to us about His existence, our existence, and the meaning of the world around us. We interpret our culture through the lens of the Bible, not the reverse, and believe it’s insights transcend all peoples, places, and time.