To start off 2015, we’ll be taking a journey through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Through this beloved epistle, we will unpack the truth that living for Jesus and being with Jesus is entirely “Worth It.”

In Philippians, Paul often uses the value and worth of living for Christ (and of Christ Himself) to motivate the Philippians towards lives of holiness, obedience, and impact. Thus JOY and TREASURING CHRIST are essential to FAITH and GROWTH. Following Christ alone is worth it, and results in joy, even in situations of imprisonment (Phil. 1:71:12-14), rivalry/competition (Phil. 1:18), death (Phil. 1:21), suffering (Phil. 1:29), crooked/perverse cultures (Phil. 2:15), sacrificial living (Phil. 2:17), risking one’s life (Phil. 2:29-30), fleshly reasons for boasting (Phil. 3:2-11), anxiety (Phil. 4:6-7), or plenty or little materially (Phil. 4:10-13).

Make sure to join us starting January 4 for this life-giving study!